Higher education is expensive. We all know it. In order to sustain in this expensive higher education world, you need to find either an international scholarship.

Well, that’s why we’re here! Right?

To inform you how you can get an international scholarship and how important is Choosing Between Public & Private Universities to Study Abroad, we have created this video!

Watch the video to see How you can Choose Between Public & Private Universities to Study Abroad:


We hope that the video was very much helpful for you.
We have started our new Education Initiative, ISNPO-Ed.


Today, Americans use an estimated 500 million drinking straws every day. But where did the idea for this beloved utensil come from? Find out the story of Bendy Straws here … ISNPO-Ed is ISNPO’s education initiative. We intend to spread knowledge across the globe!


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Other Scholarship Information:

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Shahriar Aziz Aakash

CEO and Founder of ISNPO | Project Executive of ISNPOEd | Founder of KeyLearns | A Social Entrepreneur

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